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You'll learn of animal news throughout the world, including information on various causes to help animals enjoy safe and healthy lives.
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Hello all beautiful souls in love & Light

I am Chitvvan Waraich a lightworker, energy healer, Animal and nature communicator, Animal healer & a Bach flower Practitioner. Moreover I am a big Animal and nature lover.

I have always felt personal responsibility to do my bit for the animals around, to feed the stray dogs, to make donations for the animals in need to try and talk and make people more aware of these amazing sentient beings and for them to have a bit of compassion for all other life forms other than humans as well.

I created my initiative Synchronize “Earth For All” that is a digital animal and eco-logical welfare organisation, with my vision that man lives in harmony with Animal and nature. With my message that Earth For creates for all living beings and all of god creations not just us humans.
I believe that we all have responsibility towards our planet. Since animals, plants and oceans have no voice of their own we should speak up for them and help to harmonize the earth a bit more and work on the environmental issues as well.

-Chitvvan Waraich

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