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Spread Awareness & Save Lesser Known Endangered Species Of India
Lesser Known Endangered Species Of India
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India is home to a wide range of wildlife & species. Some are better known than he others. Time is running out for these 10 endangered wildlife species in India.

Get to know and learn about them.

Climate change, deforestation, poaching and other man inflicted problems are resulting in less species today and the wildlife of India being in danger from completely being washed off.


Though the national animal the Tiger, Indian Elephant, Lion and the Rhino get a lot of the attention, there are still many other seriously endangered species in India that are poached and ignored, and are on the verge of disappearing.


To Sign the Petition Click Here – Spread Awareness & Save Lesser Known Endangered Species Of India – 



Save The Wolves, before they extinct. Ban Wolf Slaughter & Hunting.

I have done great research and study on the secret lives of wolves, and how dogs have descanted from the wolves. Wolves are not all that bad as projected in stories and movies. They also live in a pack like how we live in families. They too follow a complex hierarchy system and social structure.

If not harmed they do not attack, and more over they also have the right to live with their families like how we do. Earth was created for all of us, not some of us. I have a husky named Zen and huskies are closely related to wolves and it breaks my heart to see so much wolf slaughter and hunting of wolves happening world wide as people have misjudged these beautiful beings for the longest of time.


Wolves are an important part of the food chain and eco system, more over they are also a creation of the nature and universe we do not have the right to choose who lives on earth and who doesn’t, wolves are facing a near extinction and slowly are growing back but if this continues they’ll be lost for ever. I want to educate people about their secret yet wonderful lives which will surely change your perception on them. They too can be loving and not intervene in our lives until we want them to. 


To Sign the Petition Click here – Save the Wolves, Before They Extinct. Ban Wolf Slaughter & Hunting 


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